3 Salazes classic ridge

The three Salazes classic ridge, supervised by an IFMGA mountain guide recommended by TripAdvisor

The classic 3 Salazes ridge or the integral 3 Salazes ridge, depending on your physical and technical level, are the two climbing / hiking routes that we provide.

The classic 3 Salazes is the most easiest route.

The 3 Salazes classic :

The classic 3 Salazes with a mountain guide, this is the ridge (hiking / climbing) that any visitor to Reunion Island should consider ! The fame of the “Three Salazes” ridge has exceeded the limits of our beautiful island and for good reason ! This is undoubtedly the route which offers the most beautiful panoramas on Mafate and Cilaos cirques .

Although classified as tropical mountaineering terrain, this route is not very technical. But sometimes it can be impressive. Accessible to the greatest number, provided that you have sufficient stamina because it’s a long day !

TV report on the 3 Salazes classic ridge ascent with ADVENTURES REUNION.

Approach 02 hours and 15 minutes.
Return 02 hours.
5 to 7 hours for the route, depending on your ability.

Who it will suit :

Adults and childs from the age of 14 who are are not scared of heights and are physically fit because it is a long day.

No climbing experience is required.

Check-list for the tour :

  1. Head lamp
  2. Hiking shoes
  3. Small backpack
  4. Goretex or kway jacket (rain)
  5. Light pant
  6. Fleece (cold)
  7. Tee-shirt
  8. Cap
  9. Solar cream
  10. Sun glasses
  11. Sandwich
  12. Water (1,5 liters/person)

Price include :

  1. VAT (Value Added Tax)
  2. Supply of complete climbing technical gear (helmet, harness, descender and carabiners)
  3. Photos and videos of the trip for free !!!
  4. Supervision by a professional IFMGA mountain guide
  5. Professional liability insurance

The 3 Salazes classic ridge tour description :

Meeting at 03:45 am at the “Taïbit pass” car park (See below the routable map with a smartphone / GPS.). It’s on the road between Cilaos and Ilet à Corde in the Cilaos circus.

Departure for the hike at 4:00 am after collecting the technical gear for the tour.

After 02:15 hours walking, we arrive at dawn on the ridge that separates the Mafate and Cilaos circus.

At this time we are on the top of the “Mikado summit”. That’s where begins the route with a duration of approximately 06 hours.

We roped up together to cross the most streamlined and aerial part of the ridge (“the tightrope walkers ridge”) and arrive at a pass where the climbing starts.

After two very easy but impressive climbing pitches we finally arrive at the 3 Salazes.

We then climb the central Salaze. And by a zipline we cross until the first Salaze.

From there, a sequence of three successive gradual abseils (8m, 25m, 37m) allows us to regain the pass.

It is then necessary to traverse the ridge in the opposite direction to find the path to the descend.

Along the descent to the car park, which takes about two hours walking, you can admire your route on the ridge and also enjoy the magnificent view of the Piton des Neiges / Gros Morne ridge.

Meeting place for the 3 Salazes tour :

Departure of the “Sentier Marla” (Marla path) on the road from “Ilet à Corde” 200 meters after the bus stop of the same name at 03:35 AM.

Three Salazes tour rate :

100€ VAT included / person

Climbing and hiking on the 3 Salazes with an ADVENTURES REUNION mountain guide
The 3 Salazes

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3 Salazes classic ridge

The 3 Salazes (Three Salazes) hiking / climbing safely supervised by a PROFESSIONAL mountain guide recommended by tripAdvisor. BOOK NOW ! : +262692353035

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