Canyons in the Reunion island

Canyon descent on the Reunion island  is called has different names : canyoning, kloofing (SA), canyoneering (US), gorge walking, ghyll scrambling

Canyons like “Trou blanc“, “Bras rouge“, “Fleur jaune“, “Takamaka“, and “Trou de Fer” are well known and made Reunion island famous.
The fame of Reunion island in the world is partly due to the beauty of its canyons.
But they are only the visible tip of the iceberg, because there are many others canyons here.

Adventures Reunion provides you outings in the canyons of the island according to your wishes, but also taking into account meteorological and hydrological conditions.
You can also do canyons with little or no rope (depending on your ability). This activity is called “gorge walking.

Who it will suit :
Families (starting from the age of 8 years./ Groups of Friends / Individuals

Abilities :
All persons must be comfortable in water. It is MANDATORY THAT PEOPLE CAN SWIM. 

Required for activity :
swim suit to wear under a wet suit, towel, snacks and drinks, hiking shoes or trainers.

Price includes :
– VAT (Value Added Tax)
– Technical equipment (helmet, harness, descender, carabiners…), wet suit
– Photos/videos
– Supervision by a professional canyoning guide with 16 years of experience
– Professional liability insurance


Special fares : group price starting from 5 people, loyalty offer, student rate…

3 canyons LEVELS are available :

canyoning-beginners-familyEASY : Canyoning for beginners/family,  and canyon hiking.
No experience required.

canyoning-sportMEDIUM : Athletic canyoning.
No experience required but greater physical intensity.

canyoning-adventureDIFFICULT : Canyoning for adventurers.
Experience required. Canyons on a long day or two days long. Technically and physically difficult, proven experience (canyon list already made) or outing in a MEDIUM canyon with us will be requested in advance to book the day.

Meeting places are easily reachable: see attached Google Maps image here below.

Explanations, details and normal prices for each canyon are described following the map.

Canyons of Reunion island

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Riviere des Roches: -21.023098, 55.670619
Langevin: -21.313524, 55.641321
Sainte Suzanne: -20.947941, 55.583758
Sainte Suzanne integral: -20.941095, 55.585134
Trou blanc: -21.057349, 55.501449
Fleurs jaunes and Fleurs jaunes integral: -21.130401, 55.446469
Bras rouge median and Bras rouge inferieur: -21.114819, 55.456962
Grand Galet: -21.308792, 55.641637
Dudu inf: -21.071048, 55.635420
Takamaka: -21.114053, 55.567464
Trou de fer: -21.062558, 55.538431



This is mainly aquatic canyoning with little verticality : hiking, swimming, jumps and slides.
Considerable advantage over most other companies; for this activity all high obstacles (jump, slide) can be optional. If someone is apprehensive towards an obstacle he can be safely lowered with a rope.

  • “Rivière des Roches ” canyon, 45€ VAT included / person (40€ VAT included / person for childs from 10 to 12 years old)

    + 5€/person for a final zipline (you can do it again and again !!!)

Click to see the RIVIERE DES ROCHES CANYON page description.

It’s a magnificent aquatic canyon in the east of the island.
Program : slides, jumps and swimming in a marvelous landscape.

Technical difficulty : +
Physical difficulty : +


Initiation or family canyoning :

THE canyon for beginners and families  !
Program : little abseil, jumps and tyroleans. Everything is optional.

Technical difficulty: +
Physical difficulty: +

  • “Langevin” canyon 55€ VAT included / person (group price 50€)

Aquatic canyon in the south.
Program : Zip line, slides, jumps and swimming.

Technical difficulty: +
Physical difficulty: +


  • “Sainte Suzanne integral” canyon 65 € VAT included / person (group price 60€)

           Click to see the SAINTE SUZANNE INTEGRAL (BASSIN BOEUF) CANYON page description.

For those who didn’t have enough with the Sainte Suzanne classic we continue on two more hours with slide, jumps, abseil, and a big final zipline.

Technical difficulty: +
Physical difficulty: ++

  • “Trou blanc” canyon 70 € VAT included / person (group price 65€)

Click to see the TROU BLANC CANYON page description.

Located in the Salazie area this is THE star canyon of the island.
A natural “aqualand” with slides, jumps and swimming in a beautiful and wild area.

Trou blanc canyon, Reunion island, with an ADVENTURES REUNION canyoning guide

Technical difficulty: ++
Physical difficulty: ++

  • “Fleur jaune” canyon 65 € VAT included / person (group price 60€)

One of the great classics of the island.
A sequence of abseils (including one of 55 meters !) in a marvelous mineral environment. The track back overlooking the canyon will allow you to remember this beautiful descent.

Technical difficulty: ++
Physical difficulty: ++

  • “Fleur jaune integral” canyon 90 € VAT included / person (group price 85€)

After having done the classic “Fleurs jaunes Cilaos” the descent continues in the direction of the “Chapelle” and its awesome 96 meters spider wire abseil !

Technical difficulty: ++
Physical difficulty: +++

  • “Bras rouge median” canyon 60 € VAT included / person (group price 55€)

The most aquatic canyon of the Cilaos area.
The program : abseils, slides, and jumps in a beautiful mineral environment.

Technical difficulty: ++
Physical difficulty: ++

  • “Bras rouge integral” canyon 80 € VAT included / person (group price 75€)

After “Bras rouge median” we continue with “Bras rouge inferieur” for more abseils and slides. Unique and superb !
The program : abseils, slides, and jumps in a beautiful mineral environment.

Technical difficulty: ++
Physical difficulty: +++

  • “Grand Galet” canyon 85 € VAT included / person (group price 80€)

After several abseils we reach the high point of the canyon, and the descent of the beautiful waterfall “Grand Galet”. And next we go on towards the “Langevin”canyon.
Program : abseils, zip line, slides, jumps and swimming.

Technical difficulty: ++
Physical difficulty: ++

canyoning-adventureCANYONING FOR ADVENTURERS :

  • “Dudu inf” canyon 120 € VAT included / person

The “canyon Dudu inf” is an excellent choice as a first canyon adventure in Reunion. It’s a very beautiful canyon into the wild. A descent with and incredible end : a 95 meter spider web abseil !
And a return that will also leave you with memories!
Program : high abseils !
Technical difficulty: +++
Physical difficulty: +++

  • “Takamaka” canyon 140 € VAT included / person

The “Takamaka” canyon is a world famous canyon. It’s an aquatic and vertical combination canyon set in fantastic landscapes. The emotional key is the abseil in the “Mini Trou de fer” and its natural wave pool!.
Program : high abseils, jumps, slides and swimming.

Technical difficulty: ++++
Physical Difficulty: ++++

  • “Trou de Fer” canyon 350 € VAT included / person

The MYTH that made canyoning in Reunion island famous all around the world. Adventure with a capital A. Two days are needed to make the descent. The first day is the descente of the “Trou de fer” a succession of impressive high abseils. After an overnight bivouac, on the second day we cross the “corridor”, a spectacular and beautiful gorge.
In the dry season only, from June to October.

Technical difficulty: +++++
Physical difficulty: +++++

Of course this is only a small selection you can also descend using our company the canyons of “Voile de la Mariée“, “Bras Noir“, “Bras Piton“, “Bras Sec“, and many others that are more secrets. Contact us for rates and informations about these canyons.