SAINTE SUZANNE canyon with a canyoning guide

Sainte Suzanne (Bassin Boeuf) canyon with a canyoning guide

Sainte Suzanne canyon is without doubt the best canyon for beginners and families on Reunion island

The success of Sainte Suzanne canyon is due to several factors :

  • short approach and return
  • moderate and never compulsory activities
  • simply something special :  swimming and jumping into crystal clear pools, little abseils next to impressive and beautiful waterfalls, zip lines. The descent always takes place into breathtaking nature.


Approach 5 minutes.
Return 15 minutes (St Suzanne classique) and 30 minutes (St Suzanne intégral)
Descent 03 hours (St Suzanne classique) and 05 hours (St Suzanne intégral)

Who it will suit :


The first part of the canyon, called Sainte Suzanne, is classified as easy. Families (starting from the age of 8 years) / Groups of Friends / Beginners. 


The second part of this canyon, called Sainte Suzanne integral, and although it doesn’t present any difficulty superior to the first part, it is classified as a medium or sports canyon. It requires a higher fitness than a beginners/family canyon. Families (starting from the age of 12 years) / Groups of Friends / Individuals.

All people must be comfortable in water. It is MANDATORY THAT PEOPLE CAN SWIM.

Required for the activity :

  1. swim suit to wear under a wet suit
  2. towel
  3. sandwich (only for the integral) and snacks
  4. drinks
  5. hiking shoes or sport shoes with socks.

Rate include :

  1. VAT (Value Added Tax)
  2. Technical equipment (helmet, harness, descender, carabiners…), wet suit
  3. Photos/videos
  4. Supervision by a professional canyoning guide with 19 years of experience
  5. Professional liability insurance

Sainte Suzanne canyon description :

Sainte Suzanne classique :

Technical difficulty : +
Physical difficulty : +

Sainte Suzanne intégral :
Technical difficulty : +
Physical difficulty : ++

The canyon is located in the North of the Reunion island in the town with the same name.
To go to the canyon parking just follow the signs “BASSIN BOEUF”.
An “exhausting” approach of about 5 minutes allows us to get to the heart of the matter.
The descent takes place into a river whith a lot of natural pools.

A small abseil allows access to the sumptuous “Bassin Nicole” pool. We swim to traverse it. After a short walk into the river, we jump into the next pool (optional). We have the choice beetwin 5 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters high for the jump. You can also be descended with a rope.

Then we arrive at the curiosity of the descent. The river crosses a cave and falls into the next pool.

An abseil/zip line later we are on the snacking area where we can play with a lot of possible jumps.

Then comes the final pool of the initiation part with a zip line, and a 9 meter jump (not mandatory).

For Sainte Suzanne classic we walk back in a 15 minutes to the car park.

For Sainte Suzanne integral we continue the descent for about two more hours, with abseils, jump (6 meters), slide, and the breathtaking final into the last pool with a giant zip line.

This is enough to make you want to browse the other canyons of Reunion island !

Meeting point for the canyon is in “Bassin Boeuf” car park at 07:30 (integral) or 07:45 AM.

This canyon is located in the north of the island near Saint Denis in the village with the same name. To get to the car park of the canyon just follow the signs for “BASSIN BOEUF”, or use the waypoint on Googlemaps.

Sainte Suzanne canyoning tour rate :

Sainte Suzanne classique : 60 € VAT included / person, group rate (from 5 people) 55€ VAT included / person.
Sainte Suzanne intégral : 75 € VAT included / person, group rate (from 5 people) 70€ VAT included / person.

Sainte Suzanne (Bassin Boeuf) canyon, Reunion island
Sainte Suzanne canyon--canyoning-kloofing-canyoneering

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